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Category: Owner Information
Address: 1MfUH1ThpU1dMjBAc5jcewLToE2efQxu7K
Posted by Jordan s - Ghost security group address
Category: Owner Information
Address: 1PEoUKNxTZsc5rFSQvQjeTVwDE9vEDCRWm
Posted by Marc - Address belongs to Bitgive
Category: Spam
Address: 18WYrgM8Tf7cVyP3UEhFjHtHr7dHFZW4zd
Posted by AffCom6 - Adress has been used for internet fraud
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Bitcoin is currently the most popular cryptocurrency. An important feature that made Bitcoin so popular is anonimity. This anonimity is getting more and more abused.

It appears to be a free way for spammers, scammers,hackers and traders of illegal goods. Findcrypt was created to report the addresses that belong to these criminal activities. We not only track accounts that our users report but we also track any transaction from our reported accounts so we can give our users a reliable rating on future transactions.

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